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Rose City Petra
The lost city of Petra, is without a doubt the number 1 tourist spot in Jordan attracting millions of visitors each year, the historical site is located in southern governorate of Maan, 2.5 hrs drive from Amman, 3 hrs drive from Dead Sea, 2 hrs drive from Aqaba.

The prominent rock cut architecture is believed to be established as early as 312 BC as a capital city of the Nabataeans. Petra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 and a New Seven Wonders of the World since 2007.

Dramatic Wadi Rum Desert
Wadi Rum is an extraordinary desert landscape located in Jordan's south. The area has been inhabited by numerous cultures since prehistoric times. Popular for its dramatic landscapes with stunning rock formations made by the Nabatean who once settled at the area.

Wadi Rum is a nice place where one can enjoy a jeep tour or camel ride to see inscriptions, canyons, rock bridges or spend an unforgettable night under the starry sky.

Lowest Point on Earth the Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth about 400 meters below sea level, here you have a chance to experience floating at the water without sinking due high salinity of the water.

Dead Sea is a special area and known to have a positive health effect where ever since ancient time enjoyed by Queen Cleopatra. Public beaches, luxury resorts with spa and fitness amenities are available in the area.

Red Sea Aqaba
Aqaba is the only seaport in Jordan and a special economic zone offering duty free shopping.

An ideal place to relax and have fun, here you'll find beach resort and diving sites. Wide ranges of water sports activities are available to those who want to be active and adventurous..

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